Dementia Intelligence Network: Launch of the Dementia Profile

The National Mental Health, Dementia and Neurology Intelligence Network (NMHDNIN) have announced the launch of the dementia profile and data catalogue.

 The dementia profile gives commissioners, local decision makers and health professionals access to local data and intelligence across the whole pathway of dementia care; from prevalence and diagnosis through to end of life. It will enable local teams to transparently compare themselves against other areas in England, or those with similar demographics.

The profile hosts data for six key domains: prevalence, preventing well, diagnosing well, living well, supporting well, and dying well.

 Accompanying the dementia profile is a data catalogue, which lists and grades all of the dementia data that the DIN is currently aware of or has had requests for. The data catalogue is the first step in ensuring all gaps in dementia data are filled, and aims to stimulate conversation across organisations and promote joint working to make more data available for potential inclusion within the dementia profile.

Using data to improve dementia care in England

Source: Public Health & Social Care Bulletin/15.1.16



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