What Works Wellbeing

The goal as part of What Works Wellbeing is to help stakeholders (including government, community organisations and the private sector) use wellbeing evidence and so your views are central to shaping what we do over the next two and a half years.  They have just submitted a revised workplan to our funders taking your views into account , and will update you when this is finalised in the new year. In the meantime, please find attached a short ‘voice of the user’ report summarising the findings of the engagement activities that they carried out between June and September 2015. They would like to thank all the organisations, groups and individuals who shared their views with us.

Alongside the interviews, workshops, online questionnaire and community sounding boards that we held across the country, What Works Wellbeing also commissioned a set of public dialogues. The findings of these dialogues, as well as the engagement activities of the other What Works Wellbeing evidence programmes (work and learning, culture and sport, and cross-cutting), will be shared in January.

To receive information about these, please sign up to What Works Wellbeing general updates here if you have not already done so.



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