Helping Parents Promote Resilient Teens- training

Why should you do this course?
Mental health issues amongst children are on the increase, with worrying symptoms like anxiety, stress and depression appearing in some as young as 14. Once issues like self-harm, eating disorders, dependency or social withdrawal have become established ways of coping with emotional turbulence, they are difficult to reverse without professional help. Often there is little obvious warning beforehand, but with the right information and skills, adults can learn to promote positive development and look out for danger signals much earlier on, preparing the ground to avoid these pitfalls.

Who would benefit from this course?
• Parents and foster parents of children from the age of 10 up to 24
• Grandparents
• Care workers
• Child care professionals
• Adults responsible for pastoral support in schools

Teenagers Translated course tutors Janey Downshire and Naella Grew combine many years of training experience with an interactive and relaxed presentation style to bring you a transformative day that blends up-to-date information with practical tips.
Booking and information here.

South London and Mausdley   KingsPartners


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