Wellbeing insights from European Social Survey

New insights on these and other important questions are provided by the latest findings from the  European Social Survey. The results are presented in a new interactive website and accompanying print publication, both called Measuring and Reporting on Europeans’ Wellbeing, which showcase the rich data and broad scope of the ESS to explore this complex topic. The survey, which is freely available online, is one of the largest and most reliable sources of data about Europeans’ attitudes, behaviours and experiences.

The topic of wellbeing is one of many covered by the ESS, which has its headquarters at City University London and has collected data from more than 350,000 individuals across 36 countries since 2002.

It shows for instance that Life satisfaction is higher in countries where democracy performs better. People are more satisfied with life if they perceive their democracy to be legitimate. Lower air quality can have a significant negative effect on people’s satisfaction with life. Furthermore that fathers are always happier than non-fathers ,regardless of where they live, for mothers, it depends on having the right employment and welfare regimes in place to support the combination of childcare and paid work.

Gender equality has a particularly beneficial effect on women’s mental health and significantly reduces the gender gap in depression commonly found across Europe.

European wellbeing survey


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