Friendship in a digital age- new study

Friendship in a digital age: a survey of 1,004 young people aged 11-16 years.This study by the Safer Internet Centre reveals the huge role that technology plays in supporting young people’s friendships, with over half (55%) saying they interact online with their closest friends several times an hour and 63% saying they are closer to their friends because of the internet. Reassuringly the internet is a positive place for the majority of young people surveyed.


Smokers are around 70% more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than ex-smokers and non-smokers, a study has suggested

Researchers said quitting smoking could help people combat anxiety and depression and improve mental health as they found that levels of anxiety and depression reported by long-term ex-smokers were indistinguishable from people who have never smoked and were much lower than current smokers.The study of nearly 6,500 people over the age of 40 found that 18.3% of smokers reported suffering depression and anxiety compared with 10% of non-smokers and 11.3% of ex-smokers.The research, described as the first of its kind to compare the prevalence of anxiety and depression in smokers, non-smokers, and long-term ex-smokers (smokers who have quit for longer than a year), dispels the commonly-held perception that lighting up helps relieves stress, those behind it said.
“Our study found that long-term ex-smokers have similar prevalence of anxiety and depression to non-smokers and considerably lower levels than smokers. Quitting smoking could be the key to improving not only your physical health, but your mental health too.” R.West, professor of health psychology at University College London.

Prioritising young people’s health

Commissioners and health leaders need support in making the case for spending on young people’s health. There are so many competing demands on health funding, but very good arguments can be made to invest in this generally healthy age group. Last week Public Health England (PHE) published ‘Improving Young People’s Health and Wellbeing: a framework for public health’. This sets out the benefits of a specific focus on young people, and raises important questions for local areas to consider when they are planning provision. Alongside the Framework, PHE also published a new data tool providing local authority-level data about the health of young people.

21st Century Women – Women’s Day Celebration and Exhibition

To celebrate International Women’s Day at CoolTan Arts on Wednesday 4th MarchWomen-Make-Art-Third Floor, 224-236 Walworth Road, SE17 1JE. There will be four free workshops, discussions, and wellbeing-promoting activities as well as an exclusive art exhibition and short film screening. For more information please contact Emma Thatcher Telephone: 020 7701 2696 E-mail:

Public Mental Health Summit- Collaborating in a Changing Landscape

Public Health England’s (PHE) Public Mental Health Team and National Mental Health Dementia and Neurology Intelligence Network are pleased to announce their third annual summit entitled Collaborating in a Changing Landscape taking place in Birmingham on Tuesday 10 March 2015.This summit is aimed at people working across the public health system who have a particular interest or responsibility for the planning, commissioning and provision of public mental health programmes and services. This will include: Local authorities, NHS England, PHE centres, Voluntary sector Health and wellbeing boards and CCGs More details visit:

Mental Health: Better, Faster, Earlier Help Conference – 4 March 2015

Mental Health: Better, Faster, Earlier Help Conference – 4 March 2015– Manchester Conference Centre.An unique event that will explore the most effective strategies for improving mental health outcomes and how services can work together to deliver better care. Book a place at:

a Taster week at Blackfriars Settlement

The Blackfriars Settlement (Mental Health & Wellbeing Service) invites you to their Taster week from March 16 – 19th.Find out about their services and activities on offer. You are welcome to come along and join any of session or workshop.If you are unable to make that week, please book an appointment to see me by telephone or by email.Blackfriars Settlement
– 1 Rushworth Street London SE1 0RB Blackfriars settlement Telephone: 0207 928 9521

Preventing bullying: a guide for teaching assistants

Preventing bullying: a guide for teaching assistants. SEN and disability: developing effective anti-bullying practice :
The Anti-Bullying Alliance has written a guide based on the views of children and young people, who receive support from teaching assistants, about bullying. It is designed to give teaching assistants advice on preventing bullying of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs (SEN).

Is mental illness still taboo?

Join in a powerful discussion on how we recognise mental health, wellbeing and mental illness in our families and community.Film showing to those who come early, plus live contributors
Interactive experience in making choices and decisions about our Mental Health.Panel of Guest speakers on Stigma and discrimination.Wednesday 4th March 2015
Doors open from 5.15pm: Start 5.45pm- 9pm
mental health taboo
At Karibu Education Centre, 7 Gresham Road, Brixton, SW9 7PH

Please book your place by email: For further information contact Juney Muhammad on 07791680262 or Olive Lewis on 07976924401
Free and Open To All
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