Does worker wellbeing affect workplace performance? Report

Does worker wellbeing affect workplace performance? a report done by Alex Bryson, John Forth and Lucy Stokes, NIESR (Dept for business innovation and skills) 

Key findings:

– level of job satisfaction positively correlates with workplace performance measures.

– ‘very satisfied’ employees had higher labour productivity.

– non-pecuniary aspects of job satisfaction positively correlated with performance.

– pay satisfaction was positively associated with workplace financial performance but not other measures.

– raising employee wellbeing may improve performance. No causal link established.

– need more work to understand what it is about jobs and the working environment that change wellbeing.

The What Works Wellbeing centre has launched today which has £4m to invest in research strands of wellbeing, including one on ‘work, learning and wellbeing’.There are already a few What Works centres up and running, including one that is exploring the effectiveness of various teaching styles. See:

Discussions on the launch of the report  included the need to publish work on wellbeing at work initiatives.

BT Group have been working on this for ten years and testified that it helped them through restructuring and the recession. They are developed their own metrics and report externally to their shareholders. It was also flagged that we must also look at what can be done to support those who are self-employed and in the ever increasing ‘casualised workforce’. Lucy Smith’s (Lambeth&Southwark PH) comments.


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