Lambeth Wellbeing & Happiness Grants

We are very pleased to announce the Lambeth wellbeing & happiness grants programme, supported by NHS Lambeth. It supports activity that will improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of Lambeth residents.

This year’s priorities are:
– Improve mental health literacy and awareness of how to maintain and regain mental wellbeing. This can be done through promoting ‘five ways to wellbeing’, self-help and early help-seeking (getting the message out in new locations direct to residents)
– Addressing changes in people’s financial circumstances, including outreach to advise people how to deal with benefit changes/higher cost of living/redundancy.
– Projects that improve the mental wellbeing of people who are homeless or in temporary accommodation.
– Staff and volunteer wellbeing. We are looking for projects that offer long term sustainable improvements to staff and volunteer wellbeing. We spend a lot of time looking after others but need to ensure we are looking after ourselves as well! Applications should be made for £500 – £2,000. Areas: All London boroughs.
Closing dates will be yet to be announced.Please check at


‘Maintaining wellbeing in difficult times’ theme of the New Wellbeing network gathering at the Cinema Museum

The New Lambeth & Southwark wellbeing network meeting, ‘Maintaining wellbeing in difficult times’ is taken place on Mon 11 November.The Network meetings are open to ALL who are interested in how we can improve the wellbeing of people living and working in both boroughs; commissioners, residents practioners and policy makers.

This event will focus on how we can look after our mental wellbeing and stay resilient during difficult economic times.

The sessions include intelligence from both boroughs on how the economic climate is affecting residents, what is in place to support them and how we might work together to ensure people maintain good mental wellbeing. There will be information on practical tips about wellbeing to use for yourself and the people you work with from the National Social Marketing Centre and SLAM mental health promotion unit.
It will take place from 2-5pm on Monday, 11 November at The Cinema Museum, 2 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Rd), London, SE11 4TH.
If you wish to attend please email with your name and contact details and any special requirements.
We look forward to your contribution to creating another lively and inspiring event!


Warm and Well in Winter small grants available in AGE UK Lambeth

The Warm and Well in Winter small grants which are being administered by Age UK Lambeth are for Lambeth organisations to support delivery of events and activities aimed at older people to promote winter health messages and link them to services in the borough. In particular they would like to reach people who missed out last year. The last date for receipt of grant applications is 29th November 2013 – however grants will be awarded before this date to enable planning of events to take place all grant recipients. Also all events will need to take place before 28th February 2014
If you would like to organise an event or activity and are not sure what to do please get in touch with Fraser Serle,-Phone: 020 7926 7500 Email: Website:

Personal Well-being Across the UK, 2012/13 can be found on the last Statistical Bulletin

The relationship between personal well-being and local circumstances is complex and the reasons why different areas of the UK have different levels of personal well-being is not yet fully understood.
ONS plan to publish further analysis later this year looking in detail at how different aspects of where we live contribute to personal well-being. However, among the countries of the UK, Northern Ireland had the highest average ratings for life satisfaction, worthwhile and happiness in 2012/13. A greater proportion of people in Northern Ireland rated their life satisfaction, worthwhile and happiness as very high (9 or 10 out of 10) than in any other country.For more details:–2012-13/sb—personal-well-being-across-the-uk–2012-13.html

Women with extreme PMS will now be deemed ‘mentally ill’ following controversial revision of health manual

Women with extreme PMS will now be deemed ‘mentally ill’ following
controversial revision of health manual, reported by SADIE WHITELOCKS on Daily mail last month. Women who suffer from consistently severe mood swings during their menstrual periods are now being diagnosed with mental illness.Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), sometimes referred to as ‘PMS on steroids’, is formally recognized in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.But the decision to categorize this condition as full-fledged disorder has divided opinion, with critics stating that it only contributes to stereotypes about women being emotionally unstable.Read more:

NHS Choices: Chief medical officer calls for free vitamins for kids

NHS Choices: Chief medical officer calls for free vitamins for kids
“Chief medical officer ‘ashamed’ as rickets makes a comeback,” reports The Independent following the release of the annual chief medical officer’s (CMO) report. This ‘Behind the headlines’ article examines the evidence behind this report. It also gives a summary of the main recommendations from the CMO report.

Let’s be part of a mental wellbeing week Brixton Reel Film Festival

Alice_1 The Brixton Reel Festival back this year with exciting free films and relaxing activities like yoga, Latin American and portuguess music for everyone who live and work in the borough in Lambeth and Southwark.
Brixton Reel Film Festival was first commissioned in 2009 by Public Health to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in African/African Caribbean communities and to help empower those communities to take action to take care of their own wellbeing.
The project is delivered by Southwark and Lambeth Public Health in partnership with a range of partners (often smaller organisations) such as Telefono de la Esperanza, Amardeep and Carenet who provided outreach, staff time and venue space. It is thanks to the support of partners and match funding from the Maudsley Charity that the festival has grown and successfully reached its target communities.

The programme is as follows:
Wednesday 13th November – A Toca Restaurant, Stockwell – we will be screening a Brazilian film called ‘Buddies‘. The event will also include a performance from Fado singers and Portuguese food. Target audience – Portuguese speaking communities.
Thursday 14th November – Ritzy Cinema, Brixton – we will be screening, ‘The Story of Alice Walker’, a documentary, which explores sexuality and feminism. We will also have Caribbean food before the screening and a Q&A at the end of the screening. Target audience – African Caribbean communities.

Friday 15th November – Peckham Plex, Peckham – we will be screening a Latin American film (Argentinean) ‘Sofia Turns 100’. We also hope to have some Latin American musicians perform before the screening. Target audience – Latin American communities.

Sunday 17th November – Fanon Community Centre, Brixton – A family fun day to include some short films, laughing yoga, reggae size and possibly poems from service users. Target audience – African Caribbean and Asian communities. Please visit for the full programme:

The Brixton Reel Film Festival was first commissioned in 2009 by Public Health to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in African/African Caribbean communities and to help empower those communities to take action to take care of their own wellbeing.

It also seeks to use film as a medium to de-stigmatise the concept of mental health, promote and improve recovery and accessibility of services, such as local psychological therapies and to understand more about the experience of living in the borough for different communities.

In 2012 the festival expanded to include an event in Peckham for the first time. Brixton Reel 2013 is funded by Lambeth CCG and London Borough of Southwark.For more details,please email:
For help advice in Lambeth at
For help advice in Southwark at

This event is important to allow friends to express how they are feeling after the event, touch on subjects that might have been not spoken about, which leads to better understanding.”time to change