“Children as young as five are now suffering from depression”

NHS Choices: Treatment of depression in children ‘needs improving
“Children as young as five are now suffering from depression,” says The Daily Telegraph, while the Daily Mail reports on the “worrying rise in the number of children with depression,” saying that almost 80,000 children are now affected. This ‘Behind the headlines’ article examines the evidence behind these reports.

Ofsted: Prioritising the experiences of children who need help, protection and care – a new single inspection

Ofsted has published its single framework for inspecting local authority services for vulnerable children, examining help, protection and care from the time it is first needed until a young person who is looked after has been successfully helped to start their lives as a young adult. Two other frameworks have also been published for inspecting voluntary adoption agencies and independent fostering services.

Understanding your local children and young people’s mental health services

CAMHS has updated their resources to help commissioners and service providers understand, compare and improve their local mental health services for children and young people. The following tools and reports now have the most recently available data in them:
* Outcomes versus expenditure tool: CAMHS sparks discussions in your local health community by pinpointing opportunities to improve the quality of outcomes and productivity for services.
* Service snapshot – CAMHS gives a summary of demand, risk factors, provision and outcomes of children and young people¡¦s mental health services in your local authority.
* Needs assessment report – CAMHS is a key resource when preparing your joint strategic needs assessment or looking at your children and young people¡¦s plan. The report gives appropriate evidence-based information on prevalence, incidence and risk factors affecting children’s mental health and the provision of healthcare services.Please, visit: http://www.chimat.org.uk/camhs/tools